ChatGPT-4 Prompt & Response Automation for AirTable

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Wanting to create ChatGPT-4 generated content in bulk in AirTable?

Look no further!

I have used this same exact script to generate hundreds of AI written content pages for my niche websites!

It's also great for generating social media posts such as Tweets or Instagram captions in bulk.

This file can easily be added as an extension to your existing AirTable Base and can be used within seconds. And you can use it on as many AirTable bases as you'd like!

It allows you to submit prompts to ChatGPT on an automated basis going row-by-row within your AirTable base and writes the ChatGPT response in that same row in a column of your choosing.

The values in the "Name" column were used as part of the prompt that resulted in the generated response from ChatGPT-4 that you can see in the "Tweets" column.

You can fully customize your prompt based on each row within a view or you can use a common prompt across multiple rows and have one column from that row used as a variable within your prompt.

For example, if you're wanting ChatGPT to generate a variety of tweets that include the value in every row within a column containing holidays, you would choose the "Holidays" column for your prompt and the written prompt would look something like this: "write a tweet no longer than 150 characters about" and row-by-row that prompt will get sent to ChatGPT as "write a tweet no longer than 150 characters about [holiday]" and return the response in a column of your choice in that same row.

You can also write out individual prompts in multiple rows and have ChatGPT go row-by-row and return the response within your choice column.

Easy to use visual prompt builder doesn't required any additional coding or editing of code to be done. Simply choose your options and enter your prompt!

I provide full instructions on how to get this setup and running, which doesn't take more than copying and pasting the script into the Script extension in your AirTable base and choosing the options within the extension.

You'll be able to choose which Table and View you're working on, what OpenAI / ChatGPT model you're using, the maximum tokens for your response, which column is used as your prompt or prompt variable, and which column the response is posted to.

I am also available for support if you need help to get it running and can even provide some suggestions on prompts to use!

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ChatGPT-4 Prompt & Response Automation for AirTable

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